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South Woodham Ferrers Senior Section

The Senior Section is for girls and young women from 14-26 years old.  They can become Young Leaders, helping with the various units, or they can join a Ranger unit or both!  After they are 18 they may qualify to become Young Adult Leaders but they would still be part of the Senior Section.  


Mission Spectacular challenge

This year we have held a few meetings for the younger senior section members and have completed some challenges from the Mission Spectacular badge.  Some of the girls also went to Spectacular London and enjoyed staying at ICANDO at CHQ and one girl also climbed over the Millennium Dome!





In 2016 the Senior Section will be celebrating 100 years since it started with lots of fun activities.  There is also a Mission Spectacular challenge that all sections can complete.  More information can be found on the Spectacular website.

Young Leaders

Young Leaders are 14-18 years old and they work with a Rainbow, Brownie or Guide unit.  They can work for the Young Leader qualification.  Places for YLs are always in demand as this is an opportunity for young women to put something back into Girlguiding whilst developing new leadership skills and gaining in confidence.  They are an important link between the girls and the adults, as well as (hopefully) becoming the leaders of the future.  Young Leaders help organise games, asssist with crafts, help tidy up, and generally give assistance in the unit.  Girls can count this towards community service as part of the Duke of Edinburgh award.


Unfortunately the Safari Ranger unit had to close but we are hoping that it will be re-opened in 2016 if there is sufficient interest.

There is more information about the senior section on the Girlguiding website.