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South Woodham Ferrers Rainbows

In South Woodham Ferrers there are two Rainbow units.  Each unit can have up to 16 girls aged between 5 and 7.

There is currently a waiting list for Rainbows – we could start another unit if we had some more leaders.  If you are interested in becoming involved, please  visit www.girlguiding.org.uk/interested and our district commissioner will be in touch with you.

1st Rainbows

1st Rainbows have had a busy year.  We have kept our numbers up to around 15 all year and have 3 leaders and 3 young leaders.  Two of our leaders have completed their Young Leader Qualification - Congratulations to Ellie and Jess.  Sophia has settled in well to the unit and is very popular with the girls. 

We have run a varied programme including working for 3 challenge badges – the Africa challenge, where we did some drumming and made dot art rain sticks; the fairytale challenge where we made a  Cinderella Dress Collage,  Edible Campfires and Rapunzel clip in hair braids and the  under the Sea Badge where we played the Rainbow Fish Game, made  Oyster Biscuits and played Octopus Tag. Highlights of the rest of our programme are - marshmallow toothpick star constellations, snake ties, tea-light smores and having  an x marks the spot treasure hunt.   At Christmas we had a pyjamas and film night which we enjoyed very much. 

We have had some trips away from the meeting place this year too.  To celebrate Rainbows being 30 years old we joined the other Rainbows in the Division for a wonderful trip to Paradise Park Wildlife Centre where we saw lots of animals and rode on a train through dinosaur country!  We also joined 2nd Rainbows for a fun-filled trip to the Sealife Centre in Southend where we were able to touch star fish and saw lots of fascinating animals and fish as well as enjoying our packed lunch by the sea. 

2nd Rainbows

This year the Rainbows have taken part in many different activities.

In the 1st term the Rainbows made bats for Halloween along with decorating Halloween themed biscuits. For Bonfire Night in November the unit were able to use sparklers and create a firework themed picture which was thoroughly enjoyed by the girls.

Then in the 2nd term commencing in January, the Rainbows completed a roundabout badge. Together they decided on a range of activities and the leaders arranged these into meetings. Activities included designing their own Easter eggs, making flower themed cards for Mother’s Day and they were able to go on a trip with another unit to a safari park. 

Finally, the 3rd term consisted of an under the sea theme which included a trip to the Southend Sealife Centre on the 28th August. Activities included making a fact file on whales and dolphins also a collage of ocean scenery from tissue paper and colouring fish pictures. At the same time in groups of four they were taken into the kitchen to make clams out of a marshmallow, icing and two biscuits.

Over the year the Rainbows have played a wide range of games such as grandmother’s footsteps, the bean game, hide the teddy and they have also learnt new games like splat and sleeping fairy, which is a Rainbow version of wink murder. There have also been many games to help the Rainbows learn their promise. Overall, the girls have had lots of fun this year and all the girls that have left us this year have been excited to move up to Brownies. 

What are Rainbows?

Rainbows are the youngest members of the Guide Association and are open to girls between the age of 5 and 7. Any girl over 5 can join Rainbows providing she is able to understand and wants to make the Promise which is central to the Association.

Rainbows meet in groups, or units, of between 5 and 18 girls. There are two Rainbow units in SWF District.

Rainbows can choose from a colourful range of Rainbow clothes and each unit has a special coloured tabard.

Rainbows take part in activities in and out of doors. They play games, make things, listen to stories, sing songs.Rainbows take part in a special programme called the Rainbow Jigsaw. There are four Jigsaw areas to explore - Rainbows Look, Rainbows Learn, Rainbows Laugh and Rainbows Love.

You can find out more information about the new Rainbow programme on the Girlguiding website.

The Rainbow Promise -

"I promise that I will do my best to think about my beliefs and to be kind and helpful"