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Centenary Activities

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Celebrating the Centenary

Senior Section

2016 is the 100th birthday of the Senior Section - girls and young women from 14-26 years old - the Spectaular.  Senior Section members can be Young Leaders, Rangers or Adult Leaders and Unit Helpers.  Each county in Anglia Region is organising a Spectacular event for the Senior Section.  There is also a Mission Spectacular challenge which can be enjoyed by all sections.  More information on the Spectacular website.


Starburst 2014 was the Centenary of Brownies and Star Quest celebrations were held during the year for the Big Brownie Birthday.  Rainbows, Guides and Senior Section joined in the fun by participating in the Big Brownie Birthday Challenge.  It was an exciting year for all the Brownies.

In May the Guiders from the district dressed up to represent the four World Centres in Mexico, India, Switzerland and England, and provided activities for the Brownies to enjoy at their big event to celebrate the Big Brownie Birthday.


2010 was the Centenary of GIrlguiding and what a year it was demonstrating that Girlguiding is just as popular and relevant today as it was 100 years ago.  In September 1910 a small group of girls attended the first Scout rally at Crystal Palace and said to Lord Baden-Powell that they wanted something for the girls - and that was the start of Girlguiding.  Some of the activities we participated in as a district, or separate units during the centenary year are listed below: