Group of Brownies on visit to Colcester zooGroup of Brownies on visit to Colcester zoo


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South Woodham Ferrers Brownies

There are four Brownie units in our district.

1st Brownies

We are the oldest unit in SWF, as the title suggests, registered in 1975 and we have 5 Adult leaders, Brown Owl, Tawny Owl, Barn Owl, Magpie and Magpie  and usually around 22/24 girls. 

We have had a very busy year in 1st Brownies.  We have had two visitors (plus a dog) join us on a Thursday night.  Cow Pat Pots came to visit and the girls enjoyed painting lots of ceramics.  We have taken Brownies outdoors on a penny hike, played lots of fun games, completed our Disability badge and been on a Division Science Day to Sandford Mill.

We have also taken part in our regular events of celebrating firework night with sparklers, the Remembrance Day parade and our District Christingle service.

3rd Brownies

In 3rd SWF Brownies we have three Leaders called Brown Owl, Snowy Owl and Peacock. We also have two young leaders called Mouse and Beaver and we currently have twenty three girls in the unit.

We started our Autumn/Winter term with an interest badge, Journey into Europe. We visited France by making a picture of the Eiffel Tower from pasta, made an accordion dog from Germany, made passports to visit France, Spain, Italy and Greece where we also tasted food, learnt the language and learnt interesting facts.

For our Spring term we did the Toymakers Badge. We made animal glove puppets followed by a show, made jigsaw puzzles, made a toy bird. We then went on to do the communicators badge where we learnt some Polish, the 4 phonetic alphabet and sign language.

We did the Agility badge for the Summer term so we could get a bit of fresh air. The girls did their own warm-up and cool down routines and their own Aerobic routine. We did an evening of a training circuit followed by skipping without a break which proved to be quite challenging. To end this term we had a water evening to help cool us all down followed by an evening at Marsh Farm which we had to ourselves.

5th Brownies

The Brownies had a busy year and completed three badges at our weekly meetings in addition to those they did at home.  The year started with the girls making a sock puppet after having to plan a story, think about characters and design their puppet accordingly.  Once made, they used the puppets to perform their stories to each other.  They went on to make a jigsaw puzzle and a stuffed toy to complete their Toymaker badge.  Before the term ended with Easter cake baking, we had a movie night where the Brownies came in their PJs instead of uniform. 

The first half of our summer term was based around a “cookie’ badge.  This involved cookie tasting and a vote to determine their favourite type, designing a box for their own cookie brand and compiling a cookie recipe book for the unit.  After the spring break, the Brownies baked their own cookies and decorated biscuits to look like summer flowers.  A picnic in the park and a summer holiday themed evening completed the term.

6th Brownies

6th SWF Brownies currently has four adult Leaders, Dove, Robin (Leader in Training), Starling and Swan (both Unit Helpers) and one young Leader, Phoenix.  We usually have around 24 Brownies.

We enjoyed a 2 night pack holiday at Creekview Lodge where the theme was Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.  The girls enjoyed baking cookies as part of their Cookie Badge and decorating ceramic plates which they got to take home in addition to lots of other fun activities.

Later in the year the girls decided they would like to participate in a sponsored silence in aid of Guide Dogs for the Blind, as part of the Friends to Animals Badge.  The girls were amazing and not only stayed quiet for an hour but also raised £382.50 which resulted in them being able to sponsor a class of puppies.  We will be kept up to date on the progress of the puppies throughout their training.

We finished off the year with a trip to Southend Adventure Island where we all enjoyed lots of rides and finished off the evening with some chips/ice cream.

What are Brownies?

Brownies are for girls aged 7 to 10. They belong to a pack and work in small groups called sixes with a sixer and seconder to lead the group. 

Brownies have a varied programme which is lots of fun. There are badges to do, challenges and activities, enjoying the outdoors and playing games.

Brownies decide what they want to do at a Brownie Pow-wow. Sometimes they go on Adventure days, pack holidays and camps. There is a range of Brownies clothes that they can wear.

You can find out more about Brownies on the Girlguiding website.